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I was born on 11 March 1972 in the low estate farmer family, when i was child I has talent to imagine some thing which exist around me. Through paint media all thing can express honestly in the form of pencil scetch, paintbrush, colour and etc. My talent has been got from lineage, that my father has art talent in Balinese music and painting. With Existing the nature art talent, when I was studied in elementary school I always as participant or proxy our school in the paints contest.

Then after passed from elementary school and I continued to junior high school. Here in the art subject especially inpaints subject, my teacher always give me either guidance and encourage in theory and practice in paints. So that if there are contest inter-schools I always as procy of my school. Then after passed from junior high school then continued to vocational school namely fine arts hight school (SMSR). Here dominant subject is art education and I was selected special subject that is Bali traditional paint art. Here I was learning for four years. Then I was graduated and reach excellent value.

After it I continued to university namely Indonesia Arts University (STSI) in Denpasar, I follow all subject by well and have general character up to special in art it self . Here I get art of painting education which benefit for continuity of my carrier as a painter. Anda become as participant in exhibition event either group of single. In 1998 I was graduate from this university, I feel happy it can not be laid open with words because I reach excellent and best value. Then in 1999 (1 August 1999) I try to open business by rent a small shop at Jl. Raya Ubud by name is Sentana Art Shop. Here I paint everyday with motto no day without paints. Then my art shop growth by well, there are many customers / guest who come and buy my painting everyday. I feel happy because many guests collects my painting. Almost around the world exist my painting.

During so much years my art shop run by well, someday I have dream to expand it more and more again. Apparently my obsession  can be realized by well blessing of the god (Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa). On 14-1-2008 was grand opening my new business with new name, address, place and customer too.